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Standard Operating Processes
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and European Pharmacopeia Monographs and ISO 9001:2015
New and qualified facilities

New and qualified facilities

Allergen Servilab S.L. facilities, located in La Horcajada (Ávila, Spain) are built according with European Pharmacopeia monographs (Pollen 01/2017:2627; Mould 01/2017:2626; Mite 01/2017:2625; Animal Epithelia and outgrowths 01/2017:2621), Guideline on Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP) for starting materials of herbal origin (EMEA/HMPC/246816/2005).

The production of allergenic raw material is done independently, guaranteeing the quality of the allergenic sources. Meticulous workflows, specific clothing change protocols rooms and standard work procedures have been implemented. Fungal and mite cultures are found in totally segregated areas. Allergen Servilab has specialized personnel, as well as the ISO 9001 certification of its Quality System.

Long way already done

Allergen Servilab S.L. was founded in 2019) by very well-known stablished companies in the field of allergy with a long way done along the years and huge experience in the Source Materials knowledge. Source Materials are the first stage in Diagnosis and Allergy Immunotherapy manufacturing, with crucial importance at all levels. Quality and Research skills of founder companies are shared to guarantee the best products.

Allergen servilab S.L. offers customer-based solutions to make easer each production.

New and qualified facilities
Lolium perenne

Lolium perenne

Olea europaea

Olea europaea

Pollen collection

Our pollens are collected from nature or from our cultivated fields, always under Guideline on Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP) for starting materials of herbal origin. EMEA/HMPC/246816/2005. Collectors perfectly know the plant they must collect, identification, characteristics, and habitat requirements. Identity and purity are certified our Quality Control Technicians, ensuring that our pollens meet European Pharmacopoeia monograph.

Pollens are collected directly from nature in a way that respects the environment and at the optimal time. The techniques used include aspiration, cutting and maturation in water. Once obtained, pollens are and subsequently processed in totally independent rooms with controlled humidity and temperature. After the degreasing process, they are subjected to a final drying phase to guarantee the maintenance of their properties during their conservation.

Customer-based Solutions

Allergen Servilab S.L. offers different products regarding its development state from no defatted to highly purified. Everything according with customer needs.

Allergen Servilab establishes its annual pollen collection calendars that can be adapted to the specific needs of clients, even locating geographical areas with pollination seasons that differ in time. Similarly, specific cultures of fungus and mite species are established according to customer needs.
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